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Corner of E 14th St. & Ave X Becomes "Roland Hill Way"

City Council man Mike Nelson officiated at the ceremony formally dedicating the corner of East 14th Street and Avenue X as Roland Hill Way.

This was legislation introduced and passed by Nelson, and the entire New York City Council. A statement issued by Nelson's office read, "Roland was a quintessential gentleman who brought class and dignity to the community. We are fortunate that he and his wonderful wife, Doris chose to live among us, raising a loving daughter. Today, on the first anniversary of his passing, I and the entire community continue to grieve with his wife and family. Roland Hill left his mark as few men have and will live forever in our hearts and memory."

Letter in Memory of HCS Vice Chairman-Roland Hill

by Paul Wine

Roland Hill was born in MT Carmel-Lancaster County-South Carolina, on December 17, 1907 into a family of nine brothers and sisters. Every year his extended family holds, what was called an article in National Geographic, the 2nd largest family reunion in the US.

He attended Mather Academy S.C. College and at that time he coached high school football, baseball and track to help young boys develop athletic abilities. He served his country during World War II for 3 1/2 years in the 1883rd Aviation Engineers in the China-Burma-India theater and one of his duties was to provide food to the troops, a communal experience. After his service, he spent many years in the restaurant business and ended his career at Ferry Bank Restaurant at One Worth Street as its manager. He was also Vice President of the Local 2 Hotel and Restaurant Employees Union. He saw to it that workers were taken care of in the best tradition of the union movement.

Roland was a man of passion and strong political beliefs. Yet he was humble because of his Christian values. He went on the 1960 march in Washington to ensure racial equality and brotherhood for all Americans. His dedication to his community led him to serve many groups. He was Vice-President of the 45th Assembly Democratic Club and served on the HHC Coney Island Hospital Advisory Board, Department of Aging Advisory Board, 61st Police Precinct Advisory Board, Community Board #15 Executive Board, and H.R.A. Advisory Board, to name just a few. Late in his life he worked for Congressman Ed Towns as a special Assistant and Director of senior citizen problems in the 10th Congressional District.

Roland was a member of Homecrest Presbyterian Church for 50 years, and as a member and elder his Christian values lead not only himself but the whole church. One of his last projects (with his newest family) was to bring an Asian senior center to the Homecrest church. With Luther Mook's and Richard Kuo's vision he helped developed Homecrest Community Services to serve our community. He faithfully served Homecrest Community Services as President and, in his last year, as Vice Chairman.

Roland passed away on August 10, 2004. Roland, in his lifetime, was a people's person and a man of principle who fought hard for what he believed in. He will be greatly missed.


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