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Community Advocacy and
Civic Engagement

HCS serves a large population of older immigrants. We recognize that poverty is especially high for immigrants with limited English proficiency due to language and cultural barriers which can limit their ability to access basic resources. We offer help with community advocacy, case assistance and letter translation as well as provide classes on ESL and computer literacy.


HCS provides direct community advocacy ranging from helping an individual obtain a needed service which has been denied (or which is in jeopardy of being denied); to help client against eviction or service cut off, to assist with housing problems,  to help initiate a formal appeals process and so much more.


HCS is active in civic engagement advocacy, providing assistance with US citizenship application and  voter registration enrollments. HCS is currently a coalition partner with APA VOICE (Voting and Organizing to Increase Civic Participation) with a goal to increase awareness and civic participation in the APA community. For the upcoming 2020 Census, HCS will also be doing active outreach to ensure a fair and accurate count.

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