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Learning Art through the Artist Behind the Lunar New Year Stamp

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

HCS seniors were excited to meet Kam Mak, illustrator behind the Lunar New Year Stamp in the Fall of 2015. Executive Director, Karen Zhou had reached out to Mr. Mak to invite him to the senior center. Mr. Mak said that in all his years, he often gets asked by the public schools to do talks. This was his first talk for a senior center and it brought so much joy to HCS seniors to meet him in person and to learn about his work.

Like many of HCS seniors, Mr. Mak's mom is a retired garment factory worker so he showed them a beautiful painting he illustrated of his mom at the sewing machine and a little boy nestle beside her. Mr. Mak also read from his book, "My Chinatown", each page filled with detailed illustrations of the sights and sounds of his experiences growing up in Chinatown, many of which HCS seniors can relate to since Chinatown was a gateway for many of the Chinese immigrants. In later years, these immigrants found roots in Brooklyn, moving to the suburbs to raise their families.

Mr. Mak also shared his experience of creating and designing the lunar new year stamps series for the US Postal Service. He showed his sketches and explained the process from conception to finish product. Because of the talk, HCS seniors gained a greater appreciation for art and almost everyone was eagered that day to buy the new lunar new year stamps.

Group photo with Kam Mak, fine art illustrator

Kam Mak meeting seniors from HCS program